EastEnders: A Soap In Crisis!

There are two things I vowed to never do again in my life; smoke a cigarette and write another blog about EastEnders. Well, it's been four years in June since my last smoke but only a few months have passed since I supposedly hung up my blogging pen for good. Something brings me back to... Continue Reading →


EastEnders: A Tribute to Davood Ghadami

Ask a fan to name the best actors on EastEnders and the usual names will crop up: Steve McFadden, Adam Woodyatt and Danny Dyer. However, there is one man who consistently and quietly delivers the goods four times a week, without ever gaining the same level of plaudits afforded to the previous three. That man... Continue Reading →

EastEnders: Ghosts of Walford – Part 5

Dot Branning collapsed into the living room chair and tried to catch her breath. Carrying bags of shopping at her age was becoming an increasingly difficult chore. Yet there was no one else to ask. Over the years, her many friends and family had all withered away. Leaving her isolated, vulnerable and alone. Well, there... Continue Reading →

EastEnders: Return Of A Killer?

Something struck me the other day, as I watched a YouTube summary of the "Who Killed Lucy Beale" saga; A future Executive Producer is going to have a golden opportunity fall right into their lap. Hear me out on this one folks because that same opportunity will be extremely important in shaping how EastEnders handles the... Continue Reading →

EastEnders: Are Keegan’s Days Numbered?

Keegan Baker has only been in EastEnders for six months, but in that time he has caused enough trouble to be given more Asbos than a Jeremy Kyle guest.  Denise Fox, Derek Harkins and Kush Kazemi have all suffered at the hands of the troublesome teen. Undoubtedly though, the biggest casualty of Keegan's reign of... Continue Reading →

EastEnders: Robbie Jackson Shock!

EastEnders has never shied away from bringing back the odd legendary character; returns for Grant Mitchell, Peggy Mitchell and Janine Butcher are testaments to that. So it was no great surprise when recently departed boss Sean O'Connor announced the return of another legend.... er Robbie Jackson. Not exactly headline grabbing stuff is it? Robbie is... Continue Reading →

EastEnders: The Sins of Sean O’Connor

Relax EastEnders fans, the man who brought your favourite soap to its knees is history. Executive Producer Sean O'Connor checked out of Elstree Studios with his tail between his legs, spinning yarns about movies and one year plans that made about as much sense as the plots he oversaw. Rumours of bullying are rife, a... Continue Reading →

EastEnders: Death By Strappy Heel

By Sarah “[Sharon’s] set on a course which is almost inevitable. Either, a collision, or full-circle, to the same route her parents took…” -Julia Smith and Tony Holland, 1987 “Sharon doesn’t do a happy, easy, stress free life. She’s Sharon Watts. She loves whirlwind dramas and being in the middle of it all.” -Alannah (@2492Bambi),... Continue Reading →

EastEnders: Drama For Dave The Cat

Move over Lady Di, there's a new star on the square. Dave the Cat is following in the footsteps of the Carters pet dog and getting his own storyline. EastEnders fans have been on the edge of their seats lately as a string of hard hitting plots revolving around the dog has ramped up the drama... Continue Reading →

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