EastEnders: Whitney Puts The Carters In Danger

Whitney Carter made her second massive mistake of the week in tonight's EastEnders. Following on from the idiotic decision to steal Vincent Hubbard's credit card on Monday, she used the card to buy a dog cage and returned it to him anonymously. However Whitney's idea of anonymous is certainly different from anyone else's. As Vincent... Continue Reading →


EastEnders: Whitney Pregnant?

Well it's taken months but finally we know which direction EastEnders is heading in. We got an EXCLUSIVE interview with the current EP here is what he had to say on the direction the soap will be going in under his watch.   1: New Owners Of The Vic Well here's a turn up for... Continue Reading →

Mick and Whitney’s Big Secret

EastEnders fans have watched from behind the sofa as Mick Carter begins to get closer to his daughter in law Whitney Dean and most are in agreement that an affair is completely out of the question. It is correct in the sense that doing so would destroy Whitney's character further and push Mick dangerously into... Continue Reading →

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