EastEnders: A Soap In Crisis!

There are two things I vowed to never do again in my life; smoke a cigarette and write another blog about EastEnders. Well, it's been four years in June since my last smoke but only a few months have passed since I supposedly hung up my blogging pen for good. Something brings me back to... Continue Reading →


5 Signs You Watch Too Much EastEnders

1: You Look For Jobs On Your Doorstep You need a job A.S.A.P, only trouble is there's nothing going. You've checked everywhere; the local shop, market, funeral parlor, even your regular boozer can't throw you a bone.¬† Well, it's a big wide world out there. If you cast your net further, something will turn up.... Continue Reading →

EastEnders: Stacey Forced to Choose?

Stacey and Martin Fowler could be facing another test of their relationship this Christmas. Recently, viewers saw resident villain, Max Branning being comforted by the former wild-child and rumours are rife that an affair could be on the cards. EastEndersEye understands talk of an affair is wide of the mark but Stacey's determination to stand... Continue Reading →

EastEnders: A Very Special Episode

Wow! Where to even begin with last night's EastEnders? (Thursday 7th December) How about we start where we left off from the last blog and mention the fantastic turnaround¬†under Executive Consultant, John Yorke? I have gone into more detail HERE but once again, Yorke proves he's the man to return this show to its former... Continue Reading →

EastEnders: What A Difference…

Let me tell you a short story, folks. Long before February of this year, EastEndersEye was a happy blog. Hard to believe this moaning faced fan could ever be happy with EastEnders, I know. DTC had just ended his patchy time as Executive Producer and Sean O'Connor was still in the early stages of his... Continue Reading →

EastEnders: A Killer Exit for Ben?

EastEnders viewers were shocked on Friday night when Ben Mitchell was left unconscious after a savage beating from controlling boyfriend, Luke Browning. The young mechanic snapped after discovering a business project linked to his Mum's rape from over 25 years ago and told Luke their relationship was over. Predictably, the psychotic Luke reacted in a... Continue Reading →

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