Hi guys, Sean here and I’m the author of “EastEnders Eye” This site was originally launched in 2015 and went by the name of EastEnders View. Now we have a new look, name change, and better quality articles. If you can’t get enough of EastEnders then this is the site for you. “EastEnders Eye” is fast moving with plenty of content updated regularly.
We welcome all comments and appreciate your input so don’t be shy when wanting to have your say on the latest happenings in Albert Square. Since starting we have engaged fans across a variety of social media including Facebook and Twitter. You can find links to our Official pages at the bottom of the screen.
We are here to provide quality EastEnders related information including episode reviews, character studies discussions about current events and my personal favourite – tongue in cheek articles. We are also looking for fans to guest blog. So if you fancy writing an article for us then get in touch through Facebook, Twitter or Email.
EastEnders has been a passion of mine since 1995 but I am fascinated by all eras of the show and it is that fascination which compelled me to start this project. Phil Mitchell is my favourite character and the 90’s is my choice for the best era.


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