EastEnders: OH MY GOD!!! They Killed Mick!

RIP Mick Carter!…. No, the Queen Vic landlord played by Danny Dyer is not physically dead but after the last few months, he may as well be. There was a time when EastEnders was known for alpha male characters, Frank Butcher, Grant Mitchell, Dan Sullivan, the list was endless. Of course, this was a time when the show was well written and burned into the very fabric of British culture… We all know how that turned out.
Anyway, for a long time, the show was pretty thin on such characters. When Daniel Coonan (Carl White) left the show in 2013, he was openly critical of the fact that EastEnders hasn’t given us a convincing alpha male for years. He was 100% bang on the money.
All that changed in 2013 when Dominic Treadwell-Collins hired Danny Dyer and the character of Mick Carter burst onto our screens.

 Mick was rough around the edges but possessed a heart of gold. He didn’t need to flash the cash or use his fists to get attention. There was no smooth talking either. Mick was just a genuine guy who could get emotional when he wanted to but knock seven bells of **** out of someone when they deserved it.
His one love was his family; including Lee, Johnny Nancy, Ollie, and especially his lovely wife Linda. Mick didn’t need to cheat on his missus to prove he was all man. We saw in his day to day interactions how a real man stepped up to the plate when his wife and family needed him. Unfortunately, with the departure of Dominic Treadwell-Collins, came the departure of the Mick we all know and love.

Mick Carter has been absolutely ruined!… I cannot put it any more bluntly than that. Mick has become such a wet blanket under EP Sean O’Connor that he probably could have soaked up the Vic leak all on his own. Thanks also, to the half-crazed scriptwriters, Mick went from doing anything for his kids to chasing his son’s ex-wife Whitney. His actions include turfing his mentally ill son out the family home to move Whitney in.
The man who would never cheat on his wife is now ready to do the “wild thing” with a girl half his age, who actively pursued him while married to his son. So disgusting is Whitney, that she admitted to seeing the landlord as a Father Figure. AFTER TRYING TO SEDUCE HIM!!………… seriously what are the writers of this show doing?

If all that wasn’t bad enough? Consider the issue of Mick practically becoming a helpless baby in the absence of his wife. Crying, drinking and fighting was this man child’s reaction to being left alone without a woman in his life.

“Linda knows I’m no good without her”

Imagine this was a female character speaking about a man? Women everywhere would rightly brand the show sexist. There is no excuse for a grown man not being able to cope in the real world without a female around. Some fans think this is love…. It’s not! It’s fractured, co-dependency that would be unhealthy for any relationship yet alone one showcased by the BBC’s flagship show.
Following on from the disgusting Mick/Whitney storyline is the crazy scenes that aired a few months ago. After being conned by Aunt Babe, Mick faced a prison sentence. Unbelievably his Mum stepped in and did the stretch for him, claiming he would not be able to survive inside. Imagine the uproar if the gender roles were reversed again here? Mick allowing his Mum to go to prison was the moment he became spineless and repulsive.
The character has been on life support for months under Sean O’Connor but this week the EastEnders legend took his last breath by allowing his ex-daughter in law to stay in his home with a man he supposedly hated. Mick now jostles with Ian Beale for most spineless, weak and pathetic male the show has ever created.
Shame on the EP and scriptwriters who have done so much damage!
RIP Mick… we hardly knew ye.

Annoyed at the handling of Mick’s character? Let me know below in the comments.

EastEnders: Return of A Killer

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