EastEnders: Return Of A Killer?

Something struck me the other day, as I watched a YouTube summary of the “Who Killed Lucy Beale” saga; A future Executive Producer is going to have a golden opportunity fall right into their lap. Hear me out on this one folks because that same opportunity will be extremely important in shaping how EastEnders handles the Beales for the next ten, possibly twenty years.

It’s February 2015 and EastEnders has just revealed Lucy’s killer as Bobby Beale. Whether you agree or disagree with how the story was handled after this point is entirely irrelevant. Bobby the mad, psycho killer is now a part of EastEnders canon and just like Ronnie and Roxy’s death, it won’t be something they reverse.

The lucky EastEnders EP who is allowed to bring Bobby back will be able to establish the character as the new Nick Cotton, who will terrorise his “Da” rather than his “Ma” and potentially become a thorn in Ian and Jane’s side until they day they depart the show. Let’s look at the potentials with Bobby:

  • Making multiple returns to cause trouble for the family.

  • A known killer who would cause great unrest for the community

  • Ian and Jane in emotional turmoil. They love him but he’s “a wrong un

  • A rivalry with Denny “the NEW widest wide-boy in Walford” Rickman Jnr.

  • A danger character who could boost ratings for every short stint he makes

Sound familiar? It should do because this is exactly the role Nick Cotton played until his demise in 2015; the same week that Bobby was unmasked as Lucy’s killer. Co-incidence? Not a chance. We already saw the Beales wrestle with their conscience over Bobby’s crimes. This kid is the new Nick Cotton and when it’s time to bring him back, the EP in charge should be handling the situation with all the excitement of a kid locked inside a sweet shop.

BBC bosses should cast the net far and wide to find the right actor to play this role because it’s of the utmost importance they get the casting right with this one. No lumps of wood like David Witts or Ted Reilly on this one, please. Pay the cash and get the best actor possible for what could be the most exciting recurring role in EastEnders history.

Of course, there remains a possibility they will make a mess of this opportunity. It’s not as if they don’t have previous for it. Who can forget how they almost ruined Ben Mitchell before the brilliant Harry Reid came in and saved the day. Bobby is coming back one day regardless. Let’s hope the square, the viewers and most importantly, the BBC are prepared for it.

Do you agree with the article? What are your thoughts on Bobby’s eventual comeback? Let me know in the comments section below.

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