EastEnders: Why Ross Kemp Blasted Sean O’Connor

Well, who would have predicted this? Just when it seemed the BBC and the usual online media had poured cold water on the rumours of a rift between Executive Producer Sean O’Connor and his cast, along comes Ross Kemp to put the boot into the BBC party line. The hardman actor has gone on record to slate O’Connor and likened him to a school teacher at some third rate public school… Ouch!

Ross has also accused the former boss of overworking certain stars and admitted he felt the much-maligned producer wasn’t the right fit for the show. It’s a far cry from certain media sources (looking at you Metro) blaming fans inability to wait for action as the sole reason O’Connor was sacked. I wonder if they told Ross he was too stupid to follow a slow burn plot?

So what has prompted this outburst from Ross? Well for a start, he is not currently connected with the show so has no reason to fear potential reprisals for speaking out. Ross has pretty much confirmed what we all suspected and there may be other cast members desperate to publicly set the record straight. Fear of losing their jobs would certainly prevent that from happening.

Ross is a stand-up guy who shoots from the hip and as usual, he has not missed his target. Will this affect any future return for the soap favourite? Not a chance. As the famed Grant Mitchell, Ross is simply too big a name to censure for “telling the truth” and that fact will not have escaped his attention when he decided to defend his former co-stars.

Interestingly the only follow-up question Ross was asked about was whether he was willing to reprise his role as Grant. He was overwhelmingly positive that he will be reunited with his onscreen brother Phil in the future. Ross has saved EastEnders before. Don’t be surprised if he does another superhero act in the very near future.

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