EastEnders: Are Keegan’s Days Numbered?

Keegan Baker has only been in EastEnders for six months, but in that time he has caused enough trouble to be given more Asbos than a Jeremy Kyle guest.  Denise Fox, Derek Harkins and Kush Kazemi have all suffered at the hands of the troublesome teen. Undoubtedly though, the biggest casualty of Keegan’s reign of terror was Louise Mitchell, who was led to believe he raped her.

Leaving aside EastEnders horrific handling of the story for a second, let’s concentrate on the aftermath. Phil Mitchell is on his way back and when news (finally) reaches him about what his daughter went through, he is not going to be pleased. Spare me the nonsense that Phil is too old to be a hard-man because the theory has more holes in it than a rusty old bucket.

Phil will be gunning for Keegan and if he’s not then he bloody well should be. We know outgoing EP Sean O’Connor promised us a more measured Phil when he returns. It’s a nice thought. However, show me any man who would accept his daughter being treated like that? Remember this is Phil Mitchell we are speaking about here.

So where does that leave young Keegan? Well, it leaves him on seriously shaky ground. Should Phil react in the way we hope (and know) he will, Keegan had better brush up on his own hard-man act. The boy’s about as threatening as an episode of Sesame Street. Even supposing O’Connor has missed this golden opportunity (hint… he has) then perhaps new producer John Yorke could use the situation to his advantage.

Remember the “Who Killed Lucy Beale” story? Up until the reveal, it was expertly handled and received positive reviews from critics. More importantly, it gave EastEnders it’s biggest ratings in years. Is it too soon to do a repeat story? This author thinks so. Instead, why not have Keegan murdered by someone who is known to the viewer. Let’s look at this idea in more detail:

  • Keegan targets a resident of the square and makes their life a living hell

  • After weeks or provocation, this resident finally snaps and accidentally kills Keegan.

  • This leads to the arrest of the murderer. Cue tensions in the square as the locals struggle to agree on whether the resident was driven to murder or not.

  • It would let the Taylors take the spotlight and give us some tasty Vic scenes where we see Karen trying to take apart residents who are on the murderer’s side and gossiping about Keegan’s behaviour.

Such a storyline would unite the cast and give us a break from the tedious “Max being Doctor Evil” guff. Also, ensure we see some everyday stuff as well. If there’s one thing O’Connor was spot on about; this was it. Unfortunately, the execution was seriously botched.

As long as the character in question is someone we can feel sorry for (not Denise) then it could work. It also gives the added advantage of getting rid of the vilest character to set foot on the square in many a year: Keegan.

Do you like the idea? How would you go about injecting life into the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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