EastEnders: Are Keegan’s Days Numbered?

Keegan Baker has only been in EastEnders for six months, but in that time he has caused enough trouble to be given more Asbos than a Jeremy Kyle guest. ┬áDenise Fox, Derek Harkins and Kush Kazemi have all suffered at the hands of the troublesome teen. Undoubtedly though, the biggest casualty of Keegan's reign of... Continue Reading →


EastEnders: Robbie Jackson Shock!

EastEnders has never shied away from bringing back the odd legendary character; returns for Grant Mitchell, Peggy Mitchell and Janine Butcher are testaments to that. So it was no great surprise when recently departed boss Sean O'Connor announced the return of another legend.... er Robbie Jackson. Not exactly headline grabbing stuff is it? Robbie is... Continue Reading →

EastEnders: The Sins of Sean O’Connor

Relax EastEnders fans, the man who brought your favourite soap to its knees is history. Executive Producer Sean O'Connor checked out of Elstree Studios with his tail between his legs, spinning yarns about movies and one year plans that made about as much sense as the plots he oversaw. Rumours of bullying are rife, a... Continue Reading →

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