EastEnders: More Deaths To Follow After Sylvie Shock?

Bravo EastEnders....two GOOD episodes in a row have now been shown and surely it can't be a co-incidence that both aired right after the departure of Danny Dyer. Joking aside it must be a blow to the pretendy EE fans who are no more than cheerleaders for Dan and Kellie, constantly shouting to all who... Continue Reading →


EastEnders Fans Shocked As Soap Airs GOOD episode!

There has been an awakening.... Have you felt it? EastEnders became the very definition of a miracle last night (28/03/17) by lifting itself off the mortuary slab to deliver a GOOD episode. Yes you heard me right! EastEnders performed the biggest comeback since Lazarus and shocked fans who had saw the bloated corpse of the... Continue Reading →

EastEnders In Crisis!

EastEnders was a joke tonight! There must be a lot of fans out there losing the will to keep on watching this ****! Tuesday's episode hinted there was drama afoot when it ended on the cliffhanger of Preston in the Mitchell living room with two police officers standing over him. Yet when tonight's (Thursday) episode... Continue Reading →

Michelle Fowler Set To Leave The Square?

EastEnders fans Rejoice! For the vodka swigging, cradle snatching babysitter from hell may be coming towards the end of the line. Michelle Fowler is no stranger to bad choices down the years. From her relationship with her best friend's Dad to having a baby with the same best friend's husband (See a pattern developing here) Michelle's... Continue Reading →


    ***SOAPBANTER IS COMING*** Join Sarah and myself (Sean) for a bi-weekly podcast where we take on the important issues surrounding your favourite characters and storylines. First episode is scheduled for beginning of April and we invite everyone to come and listen in to the launch party. It's going to be a blast and... Continue Reading →

Johnny’s Big Mistake

Johnny Carter has been a bit of a spare part since he arrived back in Walford. Mick and Linda's second eldest son left the family home to go to Italy in 2014 but quickly returned nursing a broken heart and sporting a completely new head. Johnny has helped his family through some of their most... Continue Reading →

A Tribute to James Bye

Who would play a recasted character? Surely anyone doing so would put themselves in the position of unfair comparisons and a bias towards the original person in the role. Take Nu-Michelle Fowler actress Jenna Russell as an example. Jenna has come in to try and replace the wonderful Susan Tully and so far the reaction... Continue Reading →

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