Could This Man Come Back To EastEnders?

Remember Steve Elliot? I didn't either until recently when my memory was jogged while watching EastEnders episodes from 1995. Steve was played by actor Mark Monero and appeared in the show from 1991 until 1996, making quite an impression during his time. Initially arriving as a pizza chef, his talents soon saw him move up... Continue Reading →


EastEnders: Five Questions That Need Answered Immediately

Most producers who take over a soap like to keep fans in the loop where their plans for the future are concerned. Former EastEnders producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins took this approach and most assumed that Sean O'Connor would do likewise when he took over, It hasn't happened for whatever reason but that hasn't stopped fans speculating... Continue Reading →

Fatboy Return To Kill EastEnders?

  Another day, another Fatboy returning to EastEnders rumour does the rounds! Ricky Norwood himself has been championing the glorious return of his alter ego and once again the online entertainment media are lapping it up. After the recent barrage of anti-EastEnders stories these mediums have subjected us to, perhaps it is worth asking why... Continue Reading →

Danny Dyer Royally Screws Up

  Well it was always on the cards wasn't it? Anyone who thought Danny Dyer was going to go through his EastEnders career without managing to put his foot in it was stupid at worst and naive at best. Danny has made the papers in the last few days after an interview he partook with RadioTimes in... Continue Reading →

Times Up Ted!

  OK enough is enough! For the past few days I've been considering writing about this subject and for whatever reason I believed it was too brutal and kept putting it off. Not any longer though so I'm just going to come right out and say it: Ted Reilly needs to go! Now if your... Continue Reading →

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